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Our Webshop is currently closed

Please email us at or use the contact form on this website and allow us to provide you with the names and contact details of our authorized distributors.

Please be aware that many chimes sold on market places are counterfeit.

Our authorized distributors are carefully selected and they perfectly know our products.

Please contact us, we will take care of your request and you will talk to real people that really trust in the Zaphir Chimes.

It has been confirmed that counterfeit versions of Zaphir chimes have been circulating.

We do not offer warranties or replacement of products suspected to be counterfeit, nor shall we be responsible for accidents, defects, and damages incurred by counterfeit products.

In the event you purchase and use a counterfeit product, we are concerned that these products will not only not meet customer expectations, but they may also have a negative impact on your health.

Therefore, we ask that you purchase products from authorized distributors to avoid purchasing counterfeit versions by mistake.