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Each of the 5 chords, is available in 21 glowing-marbled colors of original design.

Please click the gallery on the left to see our 21 available colors.

The 5 chords are named according to the 5 seasons, and elements (Feng Shui)





Blue Moon

CrystalideG A B D A G B D  (spring)

Sunray – G#B C#E G#E A C#  (summer)

Twilight – E G B C E G B C  (autumn)

SufiF A D F A G A D  (intermediate)

Blue Moon – D F A B C E A#C  (winter)

Each instrument has 8 metal cords of different lengths, welded with silver into a metal ring. Upon assembly, the cords are again carefully tuned to refine the interaction of tones and overtones into a continuous flow of harmonies. The proportions of the resonance-tube coincides with the ‘Golden Ratio’ principles of Da Vinci, thus assuring optimal sound and resonance.

Thin crushed and pressed layers of long fiber celluloid board calendered create the perfect acoustic qualities for the warm timbre and crystalline sounds Zaphir Chimes are known for.

Most of the materials used are natural, recyclable and of EEG origin / standards. The protective layers of varnish, and paint of the resonance-tube are ecological. The wooden parts are wax coated.

Atelier Zaphir Sarl

Atelier Zaphir Sarl