The Zaphir Chimes, the original design 

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Atelier Zaphir Sarl 

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Atelier Zaphir Sarl 

The Zaphir Chimes 



The Zaphir Chimes , the original design 


Zaphir Chimes, well-known  for  over  more  then  30 years and  appreciated  for  their  quality,  the crystal clear  sound  and  their glowing  colors ,  are completely made by hand  in our workshops.

Hold the chime by its string,  and move it gently . .
a  magic  play  of harmonies will  leave you  inwonder a quiet 

With their relaxing  and  harmonizing  sound, these chimes  have  become over the years, a wonderful tool for relaxation,  yoga & meditation, Feng Shui, sound-sessions and  other forms of  therapy

The  handy  size  of  these instruments  makes  them  easy  to  use and  play

But also , suspended  in the doorway,  or  a window left open, a slight breeze may  surprise you with unexpected melodies... 




 Far most of the materials used are ecological & recyclable  - of EEG origin / standards
The wooden parts are wax coated 

Not a Toy :) 

 Children  love  the  crystal clear  sound of our chimes,
however the instrument is not a toy for children under 4/5 years of age 

Outside use
Although the  in-and outside parts of the chime has been protected  by a layer of eco-varnish & paint, like many objects left outside, a  regular maintenance with varnish or oil will help to protect. Still, it  cannot prevent from the negative effects of weather conditions on the chime.
 Suspended outside like under an overhanging roof, or other slightly protected place,
the chime will play and continue to play its magic melodies for many years to come .. 

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