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Atelier Zaphir Sarl 

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Atelier Zaphir Sarl 

The Zaphir Chimes 

The Zaphir Team 


Amandine, Anabela, Antoine, Atika, Bruna, Bryan, Eduardo, Esperanza, Fatiha, Fabrice, Ayden, Jean-Marie, Leila, Michel and Nathalie 


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Atelier Zaphir Sarl 


The Zaphir Team is welcoming you 


Our mascotes 


Gaia, Galileu, Lilu, Mila, Nueves and Teatime <3 

Thank you Shunyam , I was very glad and honored  to start Atelier Zaphir Sarl with you 10 years ago. 

The whole Zaphir Team and I are proud of all we have shared with you along all these years. 

Kindly, Nathalie 

2010 : 

Shanti gave birth to Koshi from Kabir and Zaphir with the original Shanti Design From Shunyam 

The Atelier Zaphir, from the begining, is an adventure of two women : Shunyam Maeijer and Nathalie Kremser that have re created together the tunings and the conception of the Zaphirs 


2020 :  

Following Shunyam's wish to retire, the whole Zaphir Team is happy to take over and to continue the activity with Nathalie Kremser. 

The staff who has served you all these years will still be there to go on the adventure of this magical windchime. We are there to perpetuate the manufacture of the Zaphirs in the respect of the traditional know-how.